Farcry 1 Gameplay

Far Cry is a first-person shooter game that came out in 2004. It was made by Crytek and sold by Ubisoft. It is the first game in the series of Far Cry games. Set on a mysterious group of tropical islands, the Farcry 1 Gameplay follows Jack Carver, a former member of the American special forces, as he searches for Valerie Constantine, a journalist who came with him to the islands but disappeared after mercenaries destroyed their boat. As Jack explores the islands, he starts to find out about the horrible genetic experiments being done on the local animals, and he has to face the crazy scientist who is behind them.

The game was the first to use Crytek‘s CryEngine. It was also the first open-ended first-person shooter, which means it doesn’t give the player as much freedom as games that came after it. Even though players can freely explore the game’s world like in later Far Cry games, they usually don’t because missions are set up in a linear way and there isn’t much extra content. Even so, the way Far Cry’s gameplay worked—placing the player in a foreign environment occupied by enemies, where they had to use weapons, tools, and their environment to defeat any threat—would be a key part of the series’ identity in the future.

Farcry 1 Gameplay

Far Cry is a typical first-person shooter that takes place in an unnamed group of islands in the South Pacific. Both the player and enemies can use the tropical rain forest as a place to hide and stay out of sight. The player’s tactics and actions change how the enemies act. If a lone mercenary sees a player, he will sometimes run for help and use flareguns to call for help.

Enemies will work together to outmaneuver, outflank, surround, and provide suppressive fire, which gives them a tactical advantage over the player. The player, on the other hand, can use special binoculars to spot and mark enemies on their minimap. These binoculars also let the player listen in on enemy conversations from a distance by pointing them in the direction of the enemies. Later in the game, you can use thermo binoculars to find enemies by their heat signatures, which would otherwise be hidden by plants or darkness.

At different times of the day, the environment has land, water, and both indoor and outdoor structures. The player can jump, run, crouch, lie down, and look in all directions. Sound is a big part of how the game is played as a whole. For example, if you hear your enemies’ footsteps or conversations, you can often figure out where they are in general. Throughout the game, the player will find many different weapons, such as automatic weapons and grenades, from which to choose.

The open maps give the player a lot of options for how to reach their goals. When the game is played outside, the player is usually given a simple list of ways to get to their goal, but they don’t have to use these. The level designs for outdoor maps are made so that the player can try different ways to attack or even completely avoid enemies (given enough time to maneuver). But when you’re inside, the level design tends to lose this feature in favor of more traditional, linear gameplay. 

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Training [Level 1]

The first mission will be a tutorial, so just run through it and follow the simple instructions. Notice the binoculars and the controls that aren’t very easy to use. When you first go out with the vehicle, you will find by following the waypoints that this will be clear.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Carrier [Level 2]

Now we will fight our way through the aircraft carrier and out of it. The hallways are pretty straight. Just watch for enemies coming from behind on the catwalks. You will have two chances to go on deck. For the first time, there is a heavy machine gun at the back of the hulk. Take care of him by using binoculars and auto-aim. Note the two enemies above, as well as the enemies above and behind. The second time will lead to a big gunfight where you could die quickly if you don’t just fight the people you can see. Then run across the temporary bridge and kill more Mercs. To make a plan to get away, shoot the wires on the dinghy and ignore the helicopter. Jump into the water and then into the small boat.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Fort [Level 3]

The next step is to shoot up a beach-head and some old ruins. Don’t bother with the other beach area, as there isn’t much there. Just remember to check the guard towers and the armory for a sniper rifle for later in the game. Also, use an enemy boat to kill some enemies and get a later achievement. At least one is out on patrol, and the main beachhead has some unwary Mercs for it to shoot.

At some point, there will be a big gun battle on the roof of a Japanese WWII bunker. Once you’ve fought your way to the top, use the HMG. Most of the time, you won’t be able to shoot down a VTOL transport that is dropping troops, so don’t worry about it. Aim for the back of the fast-roping Mercs to take them out. One or two of them might still be alive and come after you. If that doesn’t happen, go after them. Once you have the ammunition, talk to Doyle to start the achievement timer (the checkpoint will reset you to before the VTOL fight). Use the rocket launcher by the entrance to the bunker to destroy the boat. Even on easy, the next boat will drop troops with rockets that will kill you in one shot if you don’t duck and run away right away. Next, a helicopter and some soldiers will come, so use the HMG to kill them. Take out the gunner in the second one, and then turn your attention back to the troops that are still alive. If you can’t find them, mark them.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Pier [Level 4]

Load the checkpoint and kill the guards, then either use the hang-glider (recommended for a kill in the air) or go down the path on the cliff. Circle-strafe the boat with the hang-glider until you hit something or die from the accurate enemy fire and try again.

We need to clean out the armory to move on to the next achievement. Stealth usually doesn’t work, so just use the sniper from a distance and shoot at targets down the hill in the base and in the brush. Kill the gunner on the helicopter, who is being too nosy. Then you can raid the armory and the nearby buildings for armor and ammunition, making sure to kill any enemies who are still around. Get the explosives and the key to the armory, then put the explosives in the armory and run away in a stolen car.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Research [Level 5] 

We’re going to do our first stealth run, so at the start of the mission, stay close to the left wall and use the binoculars to mark the Mercs who are patrolling. When you get to the hut, just tag everything that moves and wait for a break in the patrols to get inside and grab the keycard.

Now there will be a big gun battle, so take the guy with the grenade launcher outside and use it to cause trouble. Make sure to watch out for soldiers coming from behind. As you kill the Merc groups, a helicopter gunner will show up. Duck and run until you find a safe place to shoot the gunner from.

Kill the second group and use the grenade launcher to hit the beach and Merc camp. Once it’s safe, you can leave. When you get to the entrance to the cave, you’ll have to fight again to get through the facility. If you shoot everything and do the tasks, the level will end when you reach the exit.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Treehouse [Level 6]

We’ll try not to die on this mission, so when it starts, just keep moving forward and grabbing supplies, armor, and medical kits as you need them. Doyle will tell you what your goal is, but don’t bother the Mercs below. They are too busy with the Trigen to notice you. You can avoid a lot of the fighting between the Trigen and Mercs if you cross the walkways to the right of the tree houses.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Bunker [Level 7] 

There will be a bunker for you. This place is pretty linear, but there are a few places off the beaten path where you can stock up on bullets, armor, and first aid kits. Fight your way through the hallways while keeping an eye out for traps set by the Mercs and Tri-gen (especially when opening those doors). You will find yourself on some walkways. Keep moving forward to go back into more bunker corridors with Mercs and Tri-gen. Again, you’ll be on a path, so keep going forward. When you get to the end, you’ll have a chance to get an achievement.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Steam [Level 8]

As one of your goals, you will pick up something like night vision goggles. These will come in handy for the rest of the mission.

Use the beginning of the video to find a good place to camp. Use this to see where the enemies are and find them. Also, shoot the sniper and the guys on the beach. They won’t run away. Then, use the patrol boat to shoot the Mercs who are fishing. Move forward on foot and check your side. Then, use the binoculars to see a group of Mercs running out of a hut. Shoot them, along with the technician who is trying to sneak across the left cliff. There is an emplacement on that same cliff, so be careful to shoot him from a safe place. Clear the rest of the base of Mercs so you can move forward and get the cryvision goggles.

You’ll get a new goal to get to the steam generator, and there will be a vehicle nearby to help you get there. Drive to the goal, but be careful on the road because the Mercs have set up many traps. The first one will stop you, but the rest will be easy to shoot down. It will be hard to get to the exit of the level because there are a lot of Mercs around and behind you, so don’t rely too much on your binoculars. Once you get there, you can either sneak in or fight your way in. Once you’re inside the plant, shoot the tech and take the plans.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Regulator [Level 9]

You will soon get a weapon; a quiet SMG, a hint? Get it and keep it in your inventory. Use it to take out the two Mercs in front of you, then run into the forest.

Go east and use the barrier to lead you to two Mercs that you can crawl by without waking up every other Merc in the area. Crawl into the water, keep moving forward, and climb the lookout tower to reach the first objective by zipline.

Now, do what Doyle says to turn off the steam. There will be two key cards that are easy to find. The orange and green ones will be sitting on tables along the way. Once you get to the last little control tower, there is a checkpoint to go through and a valve to turn off in the room with the checkpoint. To the right of the checkpoint is a path that leads to a door. Turn sharply left and go up the stairs and through the doors. There are two tough guys waiting, so shoot them and take the blue keycard. From here on, the rest of the level will be a hard fight against your first real heavy enemies and one shield guy. Use your cryvision goggles to find them, and then use your assault rifle or P90 to strafe.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Control [Level 10]

This level is short. On your way through, you’ll see a few Tri-gen and Mercs. If you keep going, you’ll reach a turret facing a corridor where you’ll see Tri-gen monkies and one Locust Tri-gen. On the right, there is a kitchen with Mercs and a Tri-gen monkey. If you move forward, you’ll find a hole that leads underwater to the next big fight. These Tri-gen can’t swim, so get back in there as soon as you can to kill most of them. Then, use the exit carefully to kill any remaining Monkies and a Locust. The next big battle will take place on a landing pad, where a number of soldiers will be close by, so shoot them. Then wait for Mercs to be dropped off and picked up by the VTOL. After two VTOLs, there will be a vent that Doyle will want you to go through. Shoot the padlock-shaped orange square in the bottom right corner to open it and finish the level.


Farcry 1 Gameplay: Rebellion [Level 11]

Other than the huge Tri-gen, there are no real threats to this mission. Just keep driving until you see it, then use 5 or 6 rockets on it. Now that you’ve done that, you can take a break. Go to the guard tower and get the sniper rifle. Wait until the battle below is over, and then finish anything that wasn’t done. Get past the obstacle and you can get into the archives.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Archive [Level 12]

This next section requires CryVision because it is full of Tri-gen, some of which are invisible.
The next part is hard to explain, but you just have to fight your way forward until you find a broken elevator. Get your sniper rifle out. Make sure you picked up the rocket launcher earlier and used it on the helicopters. Then use the sniper rifle to kill the Mercs. Watch out for the sniper. Go into the warehouse across the street and shoot a bin hanging from chains (yes, shoot those chains) to find the exit. Skip the fight and leave.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Cooler [Level 13]

The level that was hard on some poor keyboards. There are a lot of Tri-gen here, and I’m not exaggerating. They will come at you fast and in large numbers, so run for your life and ignore the big Tri-gen with rocket launchers, because they will eat you if you stay around. Thank goodness, those two Tri-gen won’t be in the next battle across the way.

The next few battles will be pretty messy and chaotic, so fight your way through each area, using turrets when you need to and hiding when you need to. You can avoid the last battle this way, so just frag your way to the switch and flip it.

There will be a new goal to get Valerie, which is to run away from more rocket Tri-gen. Fight your way to this point, shoot those Tri-gen, and run past them to get to Valerie. Avoid their claws as you fight off those monkey Tri-gen. Once done, you’ll get a cutscene.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Boat [Level 14] 

There are many goals and many ways to achieve them.

The first goal will be to land on the first island. This island has a tent with three explosives in it. This is the second goal.

Now, let’s talk about the three towers. They’re all pretty easy, but the one with rocket infantry around it might be hard. There are a lot of Mercs on the middle island, but you can avoid them if you don’t go there. Get as close to the tower as quickly as possible with the Merc, and then blow it up.

No matter how you take care of the three towers, you will have to destroy a freighter. If you just took out the third tower, you should be close by, so take the jeep to the hang-glider. Use the flight to pick off the Mercs with whatever weapons you have. Get as many things as you can, like first aid kits and rocket launchers. When you’re ready to fight the boss, get the rocket launcher and hide in the control room. Doyle will tell you when an attack helicopter is coming.

The ship will sink, so use the rocket launcher to kill the helicopter with 8 or 9 direct hits. It will leave, and you will have to finish this long mission on your own.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Catacombs [Level 15] 

On this level, stay in the jungle to avoid the rocket Tri-gen. There will be a checkpoint in the valley. You must go to the Merc camp and kill a sniper along the way. Get the explosives and follow the path to the east to get to the old temple. You can fight your way into the old temple with the help of nearby turrets. Set the explosives up at the goal.

The rest of this level will be made up of two big fights between invisible Tri-gen and monkey Tri-gen, and hazmat Mercs. Try not to get in their way and let them work through each other. If not, just shoot them down. You can plant the bombs after killing a lot of Tri-gen and a rocket Tri-gen with the nearby weapons. Stay alive until they explode, then leave the level.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: River [Level 16]

Using the river as a guide, keep moving forward and kill enemies as needed to get to Crowe, which is the goal of this level. Kill the guards on the dam and use the buggy to drive up the road to get another patrol boat. Take the patrol boat and kill the Mercs who are nearby (along with health). This patrol boat will come in handy when the helicopter comes by, so kill the gunner and it will leave you alone.

Now we can kill Crowe because Doyle told us he was up ahead. Use the binoculars to find four Mercs, then use a sniper rifle to kill them.

You’ll have to kill the last few enemies before you can get Crowe’s machine gun. After all of the Mercs are dead, you can take it. Upload the data from the PDA to finish the level.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Swamp [Level 17] 

We need a car, so take the ravine to the south-west to make the first part of the journey easier. Get in the car, and you’ll end up in a turret section that’s pretty long.

At this point, it would be helpful to tell you that you can get rockets by pressing down on the D-Pad (cn down). You only have a limited number of rockets, so save them for tough enemies like those jeeps and the helicopter behind you. Don’t worry about enemies in front of you at first. You can kill four or five jeeps by switching between machine guns and rockets. The helicopter is next.

After that, you can take a break from those awful turret sections where you have to locate a computer from a base. We’ll go around the outside, enter through the back door, and go to the room called “Computer Terminal” to make things easier.

Now, shoot anything that moves as you follow Val to the other computer room. Now that she is doing what she needs to do, we will go to HQ to get the bomb access codes. Again, Val will open the door to the “Mission Planning” building when you use one of the side doors. Turn left, then right, walk past the office and through the “Quarter-Master.”Get the key by killing someone.

Kill the guards and go to the left side of the HQ to find a side entrance. Kill the Mercs inside and take the device for setting off the nuke. Shoot your way back to Val and lead her to the gate. Go east into the swampland to avoid a lot of fighting. Go all the way around the camp to the other end, cross a ravine, and enter the armory while killing the guards. Get the bomb.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Factory [Level 18]

Use any standard weapon to get rid of the first group of Mercs. Make sure to grab the machine gun before you call the elevator. Now go into the elevator to move on to the next step.
Use the machine gun and a good camping spot to clear out this large room. Shoot everything that moves and use binoculars to find new threats. Go upstairs and keep shooting everything you see. To move forward, use the terminal on the wall.

The next part is a long hall with some of the more heavily armored Mercs, so if you’ve hidden something like a machine gun, pull it out now. Use the corner to kill the Mercs. If you are worried about your health or your ammunition, they are at the end of the hall. Then, Val will open the door, which will trigger a cutscene and the next goal.
Again, Val needs the machine gun because the Mercs will swarm him. Just lay down near the forklift and shoot them one by one. Use grenades to keep the pressure on during reloads. After three minutes of this, Val will finally be done.
Now, go through the door that Val opened and kill everyone in the elevator to trigger a cutscene.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Dam [Level 19] 

Don’t kill the Tri-gen in front of you. Instead, keep running and take a swim. Follow the river north until you see a big hill. Turn right and you will see the Black Hawk. Cutscene Just shoot everything in front of you from the turret.

Run in front of the group of Tri-gen, around them, and through the gate. Get in the buggy. The key to the gate is in a building to the left. Drive around the lava flows and over the tree bridge. Then climb up the mountain and jump over the flow of lava. The last step is to slide down the mountain.

Farcry 1 Gameplay: Volcano [Level 20]

It’s time to fight the boss. If you haven’t finished the last mission and gotten a rocket launcher, this will be very hard for you to beat.

Anyway, go into the ammunition room and get as much as you can carry, because you will need it. The rocket launcher was ready to be used against the tough group of Mercs with a lot of shields. Use all the rocket launcher ammunition you have to blow them all up, and then move on.

the present moment If you don’t kill his Merc friends, they will use any rockets they still have to kill you. Kill the rest with any weapon you have before you go after Krieger. If you don’t get hit by his frags, he’s easier to kill on your own.

Farcry 1 Gameplay Screenshots

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